Top 5 Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill in California

For quite some time now, California electric bills have been extremely high. These costs have taken a toll on households and dealing with the additional expense has been quite a burden. There are some ways to lower electric bills and make things a bit more affordable. Below are some tips that will help lower California electric bills.

  1. Recently people have begun to take advantage of building their own CA solar panels and windmills in their back yards to save energy and lower electric bills. Families are trying to not be dependent solely on the power suppliers with the high rates they charge and find their own sources of producing energy. This can save a home up to 70 percent on utility bills. That’s a huge solar power savings!
  2. Making sure you unplug all your household gadgets will reduce your electric bill. Anything that is plugged in (even if it is off) is drawing electricity. Even unplugging the television and stereo after you use them is going to save lots of electricity. Sit down with the family and discuss the cost savings that can be achieved by unplugging things such as the curling iron, blow dryer, coffee makers and all the other little items we tend to leave plugged in to save money.
  3. Light bulbs can make a big difference on your electric bill. Incandescent bulbs take a lot more electricity than the compact fluorescent lamps. CFL’s do cost a bit more but the results on the electric bill will be worth it in the long run. Just one regular incandescent light bulb makes enough heat to raise the temperature in a room. The heat will cause the air conditioning to run more which in turn raises the electric bill. Switch all your light bulbs to CFL.
  4. Air conditioners add a lot of cost to your electric bill. Keeping your air conditioner adjusted at a higher temperature will save lots of money on the electric bill. Make sure you set your air conditioner at 75 degrees or higher and you will reduce your electric bill by 30 percent.
  5. In the colder months of the year, wrapping your water heater can save a lot of money on your electric bill. The wrapping will reduce the ability of heat leaking out and keep the water hot inside the heater. This can save up to 40 percent on your electric bill.

All of these five tips will help you save lots of money on your electric bill. Start taking control of your power bills and begin lowering them today.

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