How to Lease Solar in California

How to lease solar in CaliforniaAcross the state, homeowners are taking a closer look at their options for investing in California solar energy, and an overwhelming and increasing number of homeowners are taking advantage of the option to lease their solar energy system rather than to buy it and install it on their own. A California solar lease has been an option available to local residents for many years, and in recent years, more homeowners in the state have opted to pursue solar leasing over a purchase. With a closer look at how to benefit from a lease, homeowners who are still researching the options may decide that a lease is the right way for them to take advantage of the benefits of solar energy in their home.

Easy Purchase and Installation
One of the key benefits associated with signing a California solar lease over purchasing the system outright is the ease of purchase and installation. When a homeowner purchases the system outright, the homeowner often needs to work with solar installers in California on his own, make tough decisions about which system is right for the home, obtain the necessary permits and more. With solar leasing, the homeowner simply has to work with one company, and that company will deal with the solar installers in California, take care of the permits and paperwork and handle all aspects of the installation process.

An Affordable Option
Another key benefit associated with opting for a California solar lease over the purchase of a full system relates to the cost. With solar leasing, the homeowner is not responsible for the huge initial investment of the solar energy equipment or the installation costs. Instead, the leasing company handles all of these costs, and the homeowner simply pays an affordable monthly lease payment. The homeowner also enjoys the financial benefit of using California solar energy, which relates to a decrease in energy costs with each bill.

Long-Term Options
When a homeowner signs a California solar lease, he or she is locked into the monthly lease payments for a specified term length. At the end of the term length, the homeowner usually has a few options. He or she can purchase the equipment outright. Since the equipment is already installed, there is no need to pay fees to solar installers in California. The homeowner can also opt to have the solar equipment removed or to sign a new lease.

Investing in solar energy has many benefits, but it also has a few drawbacks. The lease option that is becoming increasingly popular in California helps homeowners in the state to benefit more fully from the benefits of using solar energy while detracting from the drawbacks associated with investing in the purchase and installation of solar equipment. Those who are interested in signing a solar lease can contact a solar leasing company today to review a copy of the lease and to begin walking through the installation process with the company.

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