Should You Lease or Finance Solar in California?

Should you lease or finance solar in california?Across California, more homeowners today are taking a closer look at their options for installing a solar energy system on their property. California solar energy use makes sense for a number of reasons, but purchasing solar panels and paying solar installers in California to install a full solar energy system is not always a cost effective solution. The fact is that solar leasing is another option available for consumers, and with a closer look at the different options, some homeowners may discover that a California solar lease makes better sense.

The Cost of Buying a Solar Energy System
Ideally, a homeowner’s investment into a private solar energy system on their property will be sufficient to mostly or completely offset the home’s energy consumption on a regular basis. Depending on energy consumption on the property, the system may cost several thousand dollars or more to install. Some systems may cost tens of thousands of dollars for solar installers in California to install. Financing may be available to help a homeowner pay this significant up-front cost, but often, the monthly loan payment is more than the energy savings that the system provides. A California solar lease is another option available to consider.

What a Solar Lease Is
Solar leasing may be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a system. The cost of services for solar installers in California is generally paid for by the solar energy company. The homeowner enjoys this immediate cost benefit. Depending on the terms of the California solar lease, the homeowner may enjoy a decrease in the home’s energy bill, but he or she may also be required to pay a lease payment. Generally, however, a California solar lease is a far more cost-effective solution than a direct investment of a solar system or financing for a direct purchase of a solar energy system. Because the costs of these systems and the rates for solar installers in California can vary, it is important for homeowners to compare the benefits of solar leasing against the benefits of purchasing a solar system.

Investing in a new solar energy system is a major step to take, and it is one that should not be done without completing ample research. The good news is that there are different options available to homeowners who want to invest in California solar energy, and amidst these options, homeowners may discover that one option is far more cost-effective and beneficial for them than others. Those who are interested in taking advantage of the benefits of green energy and in decreasing their energy bills at home through the use of solar energy can consider thoroughly researching solar leasing in comparison to purchasing a solar system.

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